Sublimation Printing and Transfer


Sublimation printing is a unique technique that uses heat sensitive inks to imprint images onto polyester or polymer coated products through a dye transfer process.

The transfer of ink to media produces colourful, long lasting images that are resistant to scratching and fading – even after multiple washes.

Commonly applied to a range of polyester garments including polyester sportswear, football jerseys, cycling gears, mouse pads, umbrellas and car sun-screens.



Sublimation printing creates full colour reproduction of the logo image onto fabric medium, allowing total customisation of your artwork without the limitations of conventional printing methods.

Sublimation transfer can be applied to a great variety of polyester merchandise and garments. It is suitable for both small and large quantity orders, and perfect for logos that involve complex designs, gradients and colouration.


  • Polyester T-shirts
  • Polyester football jerseys
  • Polyester mouse pads
  • Car sun screens
  • Golf umbrellas & Folding umbrellas
  • Polyester cushions & Eye masks
  • Polyester canvas